Meet The Steve Jobs Of The Cheap Cabinet Installer Industry

There are many techniques which have been utilized for upper cupboard installation. I have 30 a long time of knowledge in installing kitchen cupboards. These tactics have proved for being the simplest way for me to hang uppers over the walls. The following pointers will conserve you several hours of frustration if you rely on them.

One of many 1st techniques is to locate wherever the studs or furring strips can be found. I do this by tapping over the drywall with my knuckles initially. Soon after I look for a location wherever I think There may be one particular, I start out drilling a few sixteenths inch holes in many destinations. These holes needs to be drilled in a region in which the cupboards will address them up the moment These are mounted. When I hit the stud, I mark it. Upcoming, I measure more than sixteen inches within the mark and tap over the wall again trying to find another stud. Repeat the process right until all of them are located and marked.

Decide where by The underside on the wall cupboards might be Positioned off of the floor and make two adjustable prop sticks out of four pieces of pine. The regular height for putting in wall cabinets is fifty four inches off of the ground. These props must be adjusted just a bit higher than in which The underside of the cabinet might be.


Mark a level line around the wall for exactly where The underside of the very first higher cupboard are going to be set up. You must get the initial cabinet set up perfectly amount. Generally the initial a single to go up will likely be inside a corner.

If you might want to Minimize a filler and attach it for the cabinet try this up coming. It will be a good idea to maintain a amount in opposition to the wall wherever the filler might be set up to view if you'll find any dips or humps to account for. If you might want to Slash the filler crooked as a way to get the cabinet to become mounted plumb, then Reduce the filler crooked. The installation of every one of the cabinets have to be level, plumb and square. Every one of the alterations to ensure the cupboards get set up amount really should be accomplished around the fillers.

Drill a few sixteenths inch huge holes behind the initial cupboard corresponding in precisely the same destinations as exactly where the studs can be found to the wall.

Area the prop sticks on an angle, a bit under the extent line. Elevate the primary upper cupboard approximately the extent line and regulate the props so that they help the weight of your cupboard. Keep The cupboard continuous and secure it to your wall with number two screws.

Shift the props more than to guidance the next wall cupboard to generally be mounted. Drill The cupboard back during the places where by the screws will sink into your wall studs. Keep the higher set up, adjust the props to hold it up after which use clamps to align the cupboard face with the first wall cabinet you put in. Safe the clamps quite tightly. Fasten the cupboards collectively from the front 1st, then safe The cupboard on the wall. Go on the process until each of the cabinets are installed.